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Nikoletta Voulgaris

Shaman, Wisdom Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy®,

Breath Coach, Vibrational Healer, Meditation Coach, Emotional Release, Lifestyle Coach

My Mission Statement:  To help people transform and shift

I believe you were born on purpose with a purpose!  All ailments have the ability to be alleviated through energy healing. Moving out the old programming to bring in the new, allows your body to heal.  Everybody has the resources internally to shift and heal. Sometimes, we just need a little boost to get us started. Also, eliminating our ego, even if just for a little while, so that we can experience something that brings us to a higher level of consciousness. Imagine feeling pure, unconditional love from the Universe.  Love unlike no other human love we have ever experienced.

I believe in people, even when they do not believe in themselves.  I give them a sense of purpose, a sense of hope!  Anything is possible, your dreams can come true, your illnesses can be you ask? It requires one thing only...SURRENDER!! I show you how to have faith in yourself, faith in your truth, dedication to your daily practice and ultimately "surrender"!!  I surrendered and am thankful everyday for the "second chance" I received in life.


I specialize in various healing modalities and through the channeling guidance from my guides, angels, etc. I am directed as to what type of healing will be performed on each individual. No two sessions are ever alike.  

I have a background in Social Work and Law.  My experience has equipped me with the ability to provide guidance and encouragement to all my clients in order for them to move in a positive direction and face the challenges that may lie ahead of them.

My clients and students have had, and continue to have, an astounding success rate and have found exactly what they have always been looking for in life, in order for them to live contently.




Jackie Properzi

Clinical Aromatherapist, Akashic Records Reader, Transparent Tarot Reader, Reiki Practitioner

Blessings of love and light.  As an intuitive, I use my gifts to access all types of mediums to help you grow, heal and raise your vibration. As a lifelong learner, I offer many modalities of healing to help you on your path. 

I provide you access to the transparent tarot, so forget everything you know about the Tarot Card and experience the evolution of this universal truth. Read in layers, images overlap to create new dimensions to your truth. 

I am a Usui Reiki practitioner and use this energy healing to shift energy blocks present in the body which have physical, emotional, spiritual origins. Reiki helps with pain relief, injuries and releasing emotions, aiding the body's return to harmony and balance. The recipient feels a nice sense of warmth and deep relaxation. 

As an Akashic Record Healer I can help you raise your vibration, trust and amplify your intuition. It can also help to clear blocks to prosperity and retrieve soul gifts or heal wounds from this life and beyond. Discover your soul’s purpose and path. 

I offer an exclusive Soul Manifestation Program to help you elevate your life (attract that soul mate, change careers etc) and your business (level up your business success, attract new clients etc).  This program is about harnessing the power and wisdom contained within your Akashic Records to completely transform your life and create a new fulfilling reality.  Available sessions also include the exclusive
“Money Chakra©” and “Awaken your true calling©” all which use the power of your akashic records.  

This is not about magical or wishful thinking, but instead it is putting into action proven &  trusted strategies and techniques.   You will take the reality of who you think you are and through your thoughts and actions create a new reality in which you are aligned with your soul.

Finally, as an aromatherapist, I believe in the use of essential oils to help balance and harmonize body, mind and soul.  I use my own brand of oils, Juniper Tree, Which are organic and sourced from Canadian based companies, other female entrepreneurs and/or Indigenous cooperatives. These oils and blends are hand blended so as to safeguard the energetic signature of each product and its healing properties.  





Suzanne Landriault, RMT

Suzanne is a Registered Massage Therapist whose specialty is relieving muscle tension and pain.  Being trained in multiple techniques over the last 12 years, including cupping, cold laser, hot stone and regular massage, there isn't an issue that she cannot help fix!  She does also offer direct billing to insurance when available.


To book your appointment, call or text: 613-551-3810.



Christina Santos

Astrologer, Tarot Card Reader, Death Doula, Conscious Dying Educator

We are made of the same elements as the stars in the night sky. Our time on this earthly plane is limited, and for many the thought of dying can be frightening and confusing. I felt the call to walk alongside those who are nearing their end of life journey when I began my healing path. From fearing death above all, I found myself surrounded by immeasurable love beyond anything I had ever felt before. With this love, came a sudden knowing that this is all there is when the physical form has reached its end. As a Death Doula I provide emotional, physical, spiritual, practical and life legacy support to individuals and their loved ones from onset of a life limiting diagnosis, to end of life, and after death care. As a Conscious Dying Educator I teach courses, and facilitate workshops and discussion groups on death and grieving. I am passionate about teaching and enjoy sharing ideas and experiences with those who join my groups.  As we communicate with each other, so too do the stars and planets. Each conversation between these celestial bodies highlights an area in our lives: how we love ourselves and others, how we radiate with joy and life, how we learn and grow through facing our fears, and many more.


Through Astrology, I'm able to interpret and share the insights offered to promote a deeper understanding of our place in this world and how we can evolve to become the best version of ourselves. My love of Astrology is intertwined with my love of Tarot, as each Tarot card has its corresponding astrological placement. The 102 card Tarot deck I use for readings is full of astrological and esoteric symbolism that mesmerize and reveal the truth and guidance that you seek.



Erica Elmes

Animal Reiki Practitioner, Spirit Soul Painter

Animal Reiki Practitioner to help your animals with all their ailments.


As well as create Spirit Soul Paintings. I meditate and with an intention I ask for the highest to assist me in my work, for your highest good. I begin bringing through Love and Light for your awareness, and transformation. The painting is a gateway, filled with codes specifically for you, a transmission onto the canvas, which acts as a personal portal specifically designed for you.


Please contact Erica to book: 613-791-6126





Cindy Gates

Facial Contouring &  Gua Sha


 Cindy is proud to offer her clients these new services.  These last 10 years on her healing journey, she went from not seeing her self-worth and not believing she was worthy of being happy, to being the person she is today.  Cindy's goal is to help you see and achieve the best version of you. You can book her at 613-936-6385 or 613-204-9092. 



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